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For Employees - Welcome to the i-spoke out reporting system

Our aim is to provide you with a safe, secure and confidential mechanism to report any concerns that you may have regarding issues arising within your workplace, be it concerning your employer, your suppliers, or your customers. While the questions we will ask relate to an incident or a concern that you have, you may if you wish submit any suggestions or comments that might help to improve your workplace or company's performance.

Should you wish to report a concern through the i-spoke out service, you can rest assured that you may remain totally anonymous if you wish. We will not attempt to trace your details at any time, and should you volunteer your details we will not pass them back to your employer unless you give us your specific permission to do so. i-spoke out is contractually forbidden from supplying your details to your employer without your permission. If you wish to remain anonymous, do be careful when providing answers to the questions to ensure that you don't accidentally identify yourself, for instance by stating your relationship to the persons identified in the incident.

Please provide as much detailed information as possible and remember that we cannot question you if anything is unclear. You can remain anonymous if you wish but we would encourage you to provide us with your contact details so that we can inform you of the progress of your report, as well as asking for further information which would help in the investigation. Remember that the more information you can provide, the more likely it will be that your employer will be able to satisfactorily resolve the incident.

Try to be as specific as you can in answering the questions. When you have completed the report the information will be forwarded to i-spoke out in a secure format. Only i-spoke out has the necessary access to view your information. No cookies or any other information is stored on your computer.

For those who wish to submit a report via your telephone help-line, where your organisation has opted for this facility, please be aware that while our staff are in place to document details of your concerns on your behalf, they are not able to offer legal advice or an opinion related to the reported circumstances and events.


Please note that use of the i-spoke out service does not absolve you of any legal or moral obligation which may exist in your country to report known or suspected criminal activity to the appropriate authorities.

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