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How long does it take to establish the service?

Both Core and Essential Service can be established the same day as you make your application thereby allowing you and your stakeholders immediate access to a reporting system.


Bespoke Service can be implemented within four to six weeks of receiving your application, depending upon the complexity of your requirements.

What happens to the information that is reported?


Each report is reviewed upon receipt and audited to ensure that, where requested, the anonymity of the reporter is maintained. The report will then be forwarded to the client's designated reviewers who will decide what actions are appropriate.


When auditing a complaint and allocating it to the recipients we will ensure that the report, regardless of whether it is submitted identified or anonymously, is not disclosed to any contacts who may have been implicated within the report. 

Are telephone calls recorded?


No, telephone calls are not recorded. It is critical that employees and stakeholders feel empowered to be able to raise concerns without the fear that they may be identified.

Who may use the reporting service?

The service may be used by any stakeholders within your organisation, be they employees, shareholders, suppliers or clients. It is important for the health of your organisation that all stakeholders know that they are equally valued and all may raise an issue should they feel it appropriate.

Who has access to the report and will undertake the investigation?


Only specified personnel approved by your organisation will receive reports.

Why is outsourcing this service better than operating an in-house service?

i - spoke out offers third party transparency for the organisation, while ensuring the anonymity of the reporter. By removing the tasks associated with this service from within the corporate structure, you can help ensure that reports received will be treated in a manner which is more appropriate than may otherwise be the case.

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